ccccc.txt - C.C.C.C.C.
Classic Computer Collector's Code of Conduct - german version

As a serious collector, I follow the Classic Computer Collector's Code of Conduct (CCCCC). The CCCCC is listed here for your reference.

  • I will do my best to find a home for any classic or unwanted computer.
  • I will return or destroy any personal or commercially sensitive data I find on a machine I acquire, and will keep it in the strictest confidence, should I find it necessary to view it.
  • I will aid users in the decomissioning of their machines, should they require assistance.
  • I will respect active software and publication copyrights.
  • I will, whenever possible, repair the computers in my collection and maintain them in working order, and will assist others in doing the same, to the best of my ability. I will actively encourage the repair, maintenance, and use of older computers, in preference to the irreversable alteration of machines and parts for non-computer applications.
  • I will actively promote the exchange of computers, parts, and information among collectors, and will refrain from hoarding multiple examples of any item.
  • I will actively promote ethical collecting.

In addition, here is a list of Helpful Hints for potential donors and sellers of classic computers:
  • Backup your data before giving it away.
  • Delete or overwrite all personal data.
  • If you have an old hard disk, park it before shutting down.
  • Remove floppies from the drives, and leave the drives open. However, if you have the original cardboard floppy protector, stick it in the drive and close it.
  • Include all system software, manuals, and cables in a zip lock bag and rubber-band them together with the machine. Do not spindle, mutilate, or put any sticky stuff on your machine.
  • Pack the computer into a box, and use nearly as much packing material as you would if you were going to ship it.

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