This page is a MIRROR or the origional, which is here. This page is up to date as of May, 2000

- Improve resolution of ColorClassic builtin Display -


I succeeded in High-Resolution (13-inch Mode) of ColorClassic build in Display.
I show it.

Many people love ColorClassic as Macintosh of compact color.
New Macintosh carries a display more than 13 inches or larger.
Can't be called any longer compact Macintosh.
ColorClassic (and Performa275) became the last successor of compact concept from Macintosh 128K and Plus.
There is the greatest bottle neck of ColorClassic in narrowness of screen of 512x384 pixel (560x384 pixel Max).
Business application, many of game software and CD-ROM title don't support 512x384 pixel Mode now.
You see being written "13Inches or larger monitor displaying 256 colors" of software package.
I thought about a method to extend life of Macintosh ColorClassic (and Performa275).