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Sector by Parker Inc. Hunt-the-submarine game -

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The first computer enhanced game from 1977, german edition with manual and original package. You have the controll over a submarine and must detect and destroy an opponent submarine with the help of your "Board computer". Great optical and technikal condition. Photos

Technical Description Code Name: Sector contains a single integrated circuit. This is a custom-make IC which Texas Instruments has designed specifically for Parker Brothers. Based on the TI family of TMS-1000 microprocessors, this IC includes a RAM which can store 64 four-bit words and a ROM which stores 1000 eight-bit words. Also included in the iC are all of the LED drivers. Eleven controls can be reached by pressing a small, recessed button with a ball-point pen. One control adds complexity to the regular program of evasive tactics of the hidden submarine. The other displays the submarine's location and heading.

In 1883, an enterprising 16-year-old boy named George S. Parker took $40 of his total $50 life savings to publish and market a game he had invented called BANKING. Little did he know that this small investment would lead to the founding of one of America's oldest and largest game manufacturers, PARKER BROTHERS.

For more than three-quarters of a century, PARKER BROTHERS had been, as retired President Randolph Barton says, "a company that had been dealing in paper, plastic and glue." Things changed dramatically in 1977 when PARKER BROTHERS entered the electronic age. In that year their first electronic game, CODE NAME: SECTOR, was introduced.

Within an 18-month period, PARKER BROTHERS had developed the capability of producing a variety of electronic products, including MERLIN, the number-one selling hand-held electronic game in 1980. With the introduction of the NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEMS™, GAME BOY AND SEGA™ GENESIS SYSTEMS™, PARKER BROTHERS kept pace with the times and developed video versions of its classics such as the MONOPOLY game, CLUE, RISK and BOGGLE.

Click here for an advertisement that ran in Popular Science magazine in the late 1970s.

Elektronik-Spiel - Sector von Parker - 1977 -

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1977 erschien das erste Spiel mit Elektronikkomponenten für den Massenmarkt. Bei Sector von Parker übernehmen die Spieler das Kommando über einen Zerstörer auf der Suche nach einem feindlichen U-Boot. Dieses Boot ist rein imaginär und wird von der Elektronik verwaltet. Weiters bekommen die Spieler die aktuelle Geschwindigkeit und die Koordinaten ihres Zerstörers und die Entfernung vom U-Boot im Display angezeigt. Ist man beim U-Boot angelangt wirft man Wasserbomben und muss hoffen die richtige Tiefe eingestellt zu haben.

Von der Packung: "Der Sector-Computer kann tausende von Berechnungen in der Sekunde ausführen. Sein Gedächtnis speichert zu jeder Zeit die Position, Fahrt­richtung und Geschwindigkeit der Schiffe der einzelnen Spieler. Er meldet unfehlbar Kollisionen, Angriffe, Fehlschüsse und Treffer."

Kommt in der original Verpackung, mit den Spielfiguren und der deutschen Anleitung. Ist getestet und läuft wie eh und je.


Great shape and technical condition, the german manual is in used condition.
In gutem optischem und technischem Zustand, das deutsche Handbuch ist abgegriffen.

The Main Computer (LED direction: North East)
Der Bordcomputer (LED angezeigte Richtung: Nord-Ost)

The original package
Die original Verpackung

Informations from the box
Informationen über den computer auf der Box


Listing time: ended / Angebotszeit: beendet

Here you find other vintage computer collectors items.

Hier finden Sie meine anderen Computer Sammlerstücke

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