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Buy Macintosh PRAM Batteries



* Monitor does not come on immediately.
* Date and time have to be reset each time computer is booted.
* Chooser settings have to be reset each time computer is booted.


Replace Macintosh system PRAM battery.

About the Mac PRAM Battery

PRAM stands for Parameter RAM. The Parameter RAM is a portion of RAM that keeps track of things like your clock's information and control panel settings. Some settings stored in the PRAM include: settings in the Monitors control panel, the Time and Date control panel, the General Settings control panel, the AppleTalk control panel, and the Startup Disk control panel. When the computer does not retain PRAM settings (such as the date and time) after it has been turned off, this generally indicates a dead battery. Some Macintosh models, such as the Power Macintosh 7100 and the Quadra 605, display a black screen when the battery has failed and the computer is turned on. Where do I find the Battery in my Mac ?

3.6v Round PRAM Battery - 1/2AA - 24 Euro + *Shipping cost

I buy batteries from a several sources so the
brand pictured may not be the brand you receive.

Use this quality CMOS PRAM/Clock Backup Battery when you need to replace the battery in your Apple computer. New 3.6v Mac PRAM/Clock Backup Battery, round LITHIUM 1/2AA battery, high-current drain. The Apple part number is: 922-1262. This battery is NEW but not blister packed, comes in a plastic bag. All batteries are tested prior to shipping. Buy now!

This Battery will work in the following systems:

SE/30, IIx, IIcx, IIci, IIfx, IIsi
Mac IIvi, IIvx, Performa 600
Performa 400 series
Quadra 605, LC 475
Performa 475, 476
Centris 610, 650, 660AV
Quadra 610,660AV,650,700,800,840AV,900,950
PowerMac 6100, 7100, 8100
PowerMac 7200, 7300, 7500 and 7600 series
PowerMac 8500, 8600, 9500 and 9600 series
PowerMac G3(Desktop, MiniTower, All-in-One)
PowerMac G3 (Blue and White)
PowerMac G4 (PCI Graphics)
All iMac Models
The Color Classic, Macintosh LC 520, and LC/Performa 550 early production logic boards used this battery. They were later revised to use the 4.5v Alkaline Square battery below. You will need to check your Mac to determine which battery should be used.

PC133A 4.5 Volt - A Cell - for early Macintosh - 30 Euro + *Shipping

The PC133A is an 4.5 Volt alkaline A cell. I buy batteries from a several sources so the brand pictured may not be the brand you receive. Buy now!

This Battery will work in the following systems

Macintosh 128K,
Macintosh 512K,
Macintosh 512Ke
Macintosh Plus

Mac 4.5v Square PRAM Battery- 35 Euro + *Shipping costs

New 4.5v Mac PRAM/Clock Backup Battery. This is a 4.5 Volt, 650 mAh alkaline computer clock PRAM battery with 3 inch wire lead, Berg-type connector and Velcro patch. This device replaced the 840 for use in Macintosh systems beginning in 1999. The Apple part number is 922-0750. This Alkaline square style battery that has a 2 wire connector. This battery is not blister packed, comes in plastic bag. For use in following computer systems:

This Battery will work in the following systems

LC / Performa 575-630, 630 PC / DOS Compatible
LC/ Performa 575, , 577, 578, 588 inkl. CD Modelle
LC/ Quadra / Performa 630-640 Inkl. CD Modelle
PPC / Performa 5200, 5300, 5400, 5440, 5500 series
All PPC / Performa 6200, , 6300, 6400, 6420, 6500 series
Power Mac 4400-5500, Quadra 630 series
All Power Mac 6200-6500
All Power Mac 7220, 7220 PC / DOS Compatible
TAM = Twentieth Anniversary Mac 20th Anniversary Macintosh
Power Computing PowerBase
Motorola StarMax 3000, 4000 series
Umax C500, C600, J710
The Color Classic, Macintosh LC 520, and LC/Performa 550 logic boards were revised to use this battery. Early production units used the 3.6v round 1/2AA lithium battery above. You will need to check your Mac to determine which battery should be used.


Panasonic BR-E2, BR-E3; Duracell DL223 ARB; Tadrian TL-5253/C, TL-5242/W; Eternacell Energy+ 3LF22; Rayovac 840, 840a, 840b, 841, 844, 845;
Eagle Picher MAP 9152; Sanyo 2CR12600SE; Power Conversion 89591T; CR2098; IBM replacement #: 8286121, B9780, 1743456 und Apple Partnumber 922-0750.


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* Shipping costs

  • De: 7,00 (versichert, bis 5 Kilo)
  • EU: 18,00 (+ Swiss, insured) to 28,00 (rest Europe)
  • USA, Africa: 35,00 Euro (insured)
  • Asia and other: 40,00 Euro (insured)
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Where do I find the PRAM Cache Battery in my Mac ?

  • LC Series/Quadra 605
    The LC, LC II, LC III, and LC475/Quadra 605 are low-profile versions. The 3.6v lithium battery, RAM, VRAM, etc are in the open. With a dead battery, these models fail to start up - the hard drive may spin for a moment, the screen remains black.
  • Centris/Quadra 650
    The 3.6v lithium battery on this model is on the front, right corner of the logic board, under a bracket that holds the floppy drive. An internal CD drive is right over the battery.
  • Quadra/Performa 630 Series
    This series (630, 635, 636 or 637) has a Rayovac 840, 4.5v Alkaline battery instead of the 3.6v lithium, held on the logic board with velcro.
  • Quadra 700
    The Quadra 700 is a CI on it's edge, and needs the power suppply and drive holder removed to replace the 3.6v lithium battery.

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How to tell if your battery needs replacing

1) The date and time are set wrong. As a test to see if the PRAM battery is dead, set the clock to the correct date and time and leave your Mac turned off for a while. If the clock is set wrong when you turn your Mac on, there is a good chance that your Mac's PRAM battery has gone dead.
2. You can't print, connect to the internet, use an external hard drive or if you're having problems with serial ports. In combination with the problem listed above, it would suggest that the PRAM battery is dead.
3. The color scheme on your Mac is wrong (starts up in B&W) and/or your monitor is set to the wrong resolution during startup. The problem may be caused by a dead PRAM battery.
4. After you turn your Mac on, nothing happens. Everything seems normal, but nothing appears on the monitor. This problem means that the PRAM battery has gone dead.
5. You Mac is more than 5 years old and it has never been replaced. All batteries go bad eventually, better to replace it or have one on hand before it goes bad!
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