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Image Pro - Accelerator for Macintosh Classic - 25 MHz processor

Image Pro for the Macintosh Classic computer. In original box - never used, untested. Sold without guarantee due to age. The set is missing the internal power supply, you may need to build this yourself. Including a rare "Mac-Opener" screw driver. Please see the photos.

The Image Pro Classic is a combination accelerator-board which takes place of the typical "two board" approach to upgrading the Macintosh Classic computer. The Image Pro is designed to enhance the performance of computers with large monitors; however, it works just as well with the standard monitor until you upgrade to a large monitor. The Imapge Pro plugs into the expansion slot of the existing motherboard and allows operation of the Classic in the accelerated 68030 microprocessor mode. Additionally, the Image Pro is easily disabled from the programmer´s switch to allow the normal operation of the motherboard in the 68000 microprocessor mode.

Image Pro - Erweiterungsboard für Macintosh Classic - 25 MHz Prozessor

Das Erweiterungsboard Image Pro für den Macintosh Classic. Erweitert den Classic um den 68030 Prozessor mode mit 25 MHz. Die Karte ist in der original Verpackung und wurde nie benutzt, sie ist ungetestet und wird ohne Garantie verkauft. Nach der Inhaltsliste fehlt jedoch die Stromzufuhr, diese muß ggf selbst gebasterlt werden. Kommt mit einem "Mac-Öffner" Schraubenziehen. Bitte sehen Sie die Photos.


Image Pro for Macintosh Classic - in original box
Image Pro für den Macintosh Classic - in original box

The set is complete, including a "Mac-Opener" screw driver
Das Set ist komplett , kommt mit einem "Mac-Öffner" Schraubenziehen

Image Pro for Classic - by System Technology Corporation, USA / Novy Systems Inc.

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  • USA, Africa, Asia and other: 40,00 Euro (insured, max 10 Kilo)

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