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Asante LC PDS slot Ethernet Card

Connect your earlier vintage Mac to a network with your PowerMac or iMac or G5! Asante ethernet Card for Macs with an LC PDS slot, with an empty socket for a 68882 FPU (for an LC or LC II only). Has LEDs on back for activity indicator. See the photos for details, pulled from working LC III system, but untested with no guarantee. No separate drivers are required - Asante uses standard Apple drivers.

Visit AppleSpec Online to learn if this ethernet card will work in your computer. Look at the slots entry (the last one) under the Motherboard category. If your machine has an LC or LC III PDS slot, this card will work in your machine. In general, the following machines fall into this category (but *please verify yours):

  • LC * LC II * LC III * LC 475 * LC 520 * LC 550 *
    LC 560 * LC 570 * LC 575 * LC 580 * LC 630 *
  • Performa*: 250,275,400,405,410,430,450,460,466,470,475476
  • Quadra 605 * Quadra 630 * Quadra 645GY *
  • Power Mac 5200/75 * Power Mac 5260/100 * PPC 5260/120 *
  • Power Mac 5300/100 * Power Mac 5300/120 * Power Mac 6200/75 *
  • Power Mac 6300/120 *

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