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The International 68K User Collection

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 08, 2005 5:50 pm    Post subject: The International 68K User Collection Reply with quote

Hello Members,

Please add the models of your collection in this topic.
This helps other users to find the right person to talk about a specific model type.
And you get an overview from your collection Wink

Here is my 68K Classic Mac Collection

    Macintosh 1984 (one of the first 10.000 ? with developer signatures inside on a matt gray case...)

    If you know something about the Macintosh 1984 model with signatures used in the MacPlus later, please contact me. I was told by an AppleInsider that the first 10.000 Macintosh 1984, wich where mostly given to US computer dealers, have this signatures inside.
    Do you know more about the signed Macintosh 1984?

    Macintosh 512K with external 400 k Floppy
    Macintosh Plus, beige (US) und platinum (EU) Version,

    Macintosh SE - double floppy - 2 x internal 800k drives, no HD
    Macintosh SE - 800k / 20 MB HD / 1 MB RAM (love the simplicity)
    Macintosh SE - FDHD - 40 MB HD with external 800 k floppy drive
    Macintosh SE 1/20 - Europe student´s version

    Exclamation I am looking for:

    One or two internal 800k Software drives from the SE seria and one 400k drive
    to repair Sad Mac Classic Mac Classic Mac

    Macintosh SE/30
    with external SuperDrive - Info an 1,4 MB drive,
    build into the external Apple 800k drive case Cool
    and a "32 Bit Clean" ROM SIMM (taken from IIsi),
    running a resedited Mac OS 8.1 Twisted Evil

    Macintosh Classic
    Macintosh Classic II
    Macintosh Classic Color
    in original package, complete set Honored

    Macintosh IIci
    Macintosh IIcx
    Macintosh IIsi
    with 32 bit clean ROM SIMM (rare) and NUBUS adapter card Honored
    Macintosh IIfx - only the case anymore Cry
    Repair does someone have a IIfx Hardware motherboard in the garage Question

    Macintosh LC (x2)
    Macintosh LC II (x 3 - 1 x ClockChiped)
    Macintosh LC III
    Macintosh LC 475
    Performa 450 (x 3)
    Performa 475 (x 3)

    gosh... there are some more I like to get Wink
    Shocked I am looking for: Lisa 1, Lisa 2 , Macintosh XL,
    Mac 128K, Mac 512KE and a Color Classic II

MacOS aka Oliver

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 22, 2005 2:12 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hello, my 68 k
Macintosh Classic (4) working...

To Repair: (I hope)
Mac plus (developer signatures inside)
Macintosh SE/FDHD (developer signatures inside, too)
Classic II (without FPU)
Macintosh IIci
Some parts...
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 21, 2005 2:19 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Mine includes, but is not limited to:

My 2nd ever Mac the Mac SE SuperDrive
Mac Classic
Mac Classic II
IIsi, IIvx, LC, LC II, LCIII, LC475
PB 145, 190CS, 520 with Japanese keyboard
Centris 610

There is also a partially-working PB 100, 150 and Quadra 840AV. The PBs need 2.5" SCSI hard drives which seem to be pretty rare![/b]
Some would say obsessive. I say the machines are still useful if you aren't too needy.
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