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Der Mann, der das Apple-Logo erfand

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 08, 2006 5:17 pm    Post subject: Der Mann, der das Apple-Logo erfand Reply with quote

Der Mann, der das Apple-Logo erfand gefunden bei

Rob Janoff (57) traf den sandalentragenden Steve Jobs 1977, als der bei der Werbeagentur Regis McKenna in Palo Alto wegen eines Logos f¸r eine Holzkiste voll Draht nachfragte - den Apple II. ªIch kaufte mir eine T¸te ƒpfel, schnitt sie in Scheiben und starrte sie stundenlang an´, erz‰hlte Rob dem Magazin SYNC.

Schlie?lich zeichnete er ein einfaches, monochromes Signet mit dem ber¸hmten herzhaften Biss auf der rechten Seite. Steve Jobs fand das Logo toll, aber er verlangte Farben: ªDas ist der Schl¸ssel f¸r die Vermenschlichung der Firma!´ Also erg‰nzte Rob bunte Streifen: ªIch dachte nicht einmal an ein Prisma oder einen Regenbogen.´

‹brigens: Rob Janoff sagt, er habe f¸r das Logodesign nicht einmal eine Postkarte von Apple erhalten - geschweige denn ein HonorarÖ

Folgende Info kommt von

"There were many people who said Apple would go bankrupt if they went ahead with the logo," says Rob Janoff, the graphic designer credited with thinking up the world-famous emblem. Janoff, 57, first met Jobs while working at Palo Alto, Calif.-based public relations agency Regis McKenna. It was his task to help the sandal-wearing CEO-a good friend of Janoff's boss-market a makeshift wooden box stuffed with wires, an early prototype of the Apple II.

"For inspiration, the first thing I did was go to the supermarket, buy a bag of apples and slice them up. I just stared at the wedges for hours," recalls Janoff. The fruit of his labor: a simple 2-D monochromatic apple, with a healthy bite taken from the right side. Jobs loved the conceit-only he suggested it be more colorful. Janoff's boss disagreed, insisting the logo be made all black to save on printing costs. "

But Jobs was resolute, arguing that color was the key to humanizing the company," says Janoff. "So I just put colors where I thought they should be, not even thinking about a prism." What thanks did Janoff, now the owner of his own Chicago-based graphic design firm, get for all his hard work? "Not even a holiday card."

Das fand ich bei


Janoff said when he first presented the Apple logo to Steve Jobs in 1976, he showed a range of alternative monochrome designs. One of them was metallic silver and bore a striking resemblance to the new chrome logo.

"It's like I already designed it -- in 1976," said Janoff, laughing. He now runs his own agency, Newtrix, out of his home in the Chicago suburbs.

The new Apple logo appears throughout the latest build of the operating system, code-named Panther, which is expected to be released to the public in the next few weeks. The latest test version of the software was made available to software developers and beta testers over the weekend.

Hier seine Rob¥s eigene Seite:

Schˆn ist auch den Spruch des fr¸heren Entwicklungschefs Jean-Louis GassÈe:
ªOne of the deep mysteries to me is our logo, the symbol of lust and knowledge, bitten into, all crossed with the colours of the rainbow in the wrong order. You couldnít dream of a more appropriate logo: lust, knowledge, hope, and anarchy.´

Hier noch ein Interview mit Rob, gefunden bei

What in your opinion made the APPLE logo so easily identifiable?
Well, actually with the APPLE logo, it is the mark itself, the multicolored apple shape with a bite taken out of it, as opposed to the words ìAPPLE COMPUTERî.
I first designed it with a specific letterform for the words ìAPPLE COMPUTERî which were coming out of the bite of the apple. As the company, the product and the logo became more popular, the words were dropped in favor of the mark.
It has also been adapted in computer software so that sometimes a cursor is done in stripes. Itís become recognized not only as the logo itself but just as a piece of computerese that people are familiar with.
Of course, at the time we had no idea that APPLE COMPUTER would take off as a company, or as a product either. It was lucky for me to be associated with Steve JOB and the few people he had at the beginning.

When did you design the logo?
I designed it in 1976. I was working for a small agency in Palo Alto called REGIS Mc KENNA.

Did you create the type face for the logo?
Well the typeface was actually a standard typeface. Originally it was a LETRASET typeface called MOTTER TEKTURA. What I was trying to do at the time, was to design a mark that was real playful and approachable with a typeface that would have a bit of a techno look to it. So I was kind of balancing the fun and the technology because it was a very technologically advanced product, but what Steve was trying to do was to democratize it, to get it in the hands of everybody and make it easy to have, instead of something only for computer wizards.
Iím glad that the type as been dropped from the mark itself because, in a way, it limits the application of a logo to always have to have type connected to the mark. If you want the mark real big you have to have the words real big and what is really memorable about this all thing is this apple shape. You see that mark and you donít have to read the name. Thatís why it has been working internationally so well..

Do you systematically recommend to your clients the use of a symbol, or do you think that it only applies to a certain type of company or a certain type of product?

Well, being a designer and being a visually oriented person Iím always in favor of trying to simplify the communication, so if a mark stands for a product or a word or whatever, I think youíve really come full circle. You donít have to read GENERAL ELECTRIC to know what that GE mark is. That comes over time, but APPLE as a company has done such a wonderful job. Agencies have done such a good job at promoting them, that it has accelerated that process. People see the mark and they donít need to see the words. I think that people responded to the colors and the joke of the shape. Thereís a little bit of a pun in the way that the shape is designed. The bite that is taken out of it. Itís not only the silouhette of an apple, (you couldnít take a bite like that out of any other piece of fruit shaped that way) but byte is also a computer term. So from the beginning really, I think that what computer people responded to, was the little double meaning there, in the shape.
Itís not always that you have the chance to have that kind of fun with the viewer on a logo. Logos are usually so serious!.

The colors also are very cheerful. What made you decide to have so many colors?
One of the reasons was that, at the time, it was the only home computer that was available to hook up to a color monitor and reproduce colors at an affordable price. That was one of the big features, and because of that it was thought that it would be especially valuable, primarily in the education market. When kids see colors there is a lot of interaction. So I found that using a lot of colors communicated not only the versatility of the product but would really add to the playfulness and the approachability of the mark. The biggest job I had to do was make the mark stand for something that would be comfortable for people to have in their homes. Before that time computers were big scary things, unlike a typewriter or a toaster. It was too technical, too tempermental, too hard to maintain, so we were trying to dispel that image.


Und ein paar mehr Links zum Thema Rob:

Freak "Apple Doin' the Logo-Motion" at
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