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Collin on 18/01/2016 08:07 am
guestGuest reserve on Pierre Computer Meeting
Bryce on 18/12/2015 05:23 pm
Bryce on 18/12/2015 05:23 pm
Carl on 15/12/2015 06:43 pm
guestIndeed 'tis be a decent job laddie
Estel Aer on 03/09/2015 07:41 pm
Filipe Ibaldo on 03/08/2015 09:15 pm
guestNice Job!
Matteo Trevisan on 03/05/2015 02:54 pm
guestI still remember the first time i saw a Macintosh plus in the doctor office, i was a child and that little computer with the rainbow apple remained in my dreams! I like this website great work!
Awesome! on 19/04/2015 08:26 pm
guestI used to do IT for companies using Macs. Miss the old days. Whoever made this.. thanks for the memories!
U.N. Owen on 03/04/2015 05:48 pm
guestAhhhh... 7, Glorious 7.

1St, thanks for the flash back.
But, I was here awhile ago, and a(n old - 2006) EndGadget piece I just (''''''''''''''''15) read sent me this trip, and they''''''''''''''''re trying to tell people how to trick out the current Mac with this ''''''''''''''''retro'''''''''''''''' feel, but, I''''''''''''''''ve a quibble, and I KNOW I''''''''''''''''m not alone; my sweet old Macs - way back when were COLOUR!.

I was thrilled to see my icons - in COLOUR, even my Norton Utilities WAS colour, so, I don''''''''''''''''t like how all these ''''''''''''''''retro'''''''''''''''' Sytem 7''''''''''''''''s are in B&W.
Captain Krimson on 02/04/2015 11:19 pm
guestI remember this, my first system :-)
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