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De-Compress » DeHQX v2.0.1

DeHQX v2.0.1 is an application to decode BinHex 4.0 encoded documents.
It will ignore all headers and comp.binaries.mac part seperators,
handles multiple encoded documents in one file, or split across multiple
files, decode files or folders of files. It runs happily in the background
with little affect on foreground processes. Its not all that fast, so
just drop the files on DeHQX and then ignore it and they will be magically

Internet » MacTCP - v 1.1.1 - for 68k Macintosh

MacTCP is the only option for 68000 and 68020 Macs (SE, Plus, Classic I, LC, original Mac II etc) and for low spec 68030 Macs. MacTCP was designed to work with the Mac Plus onwards so it will not work with a Mac 128 or 512; it *may* work with a Mac 512Ke.

MacTCP cannot obtain an IP address from a DHCP server; the options for automatic addressing will only work if your network provides a RARP or BootP address server. Automatic addressing works with dial-up networking using MacPPP.

Internet » FreePPP - v 1.0.5 for 68k Macintosh

FreePPP is a Link Access Protocol module (aka MDEV) for MacTCP or Open Transport. In plain English, it allows you to establish a dial-up PPP connection with a TCP/IP network like the Internet from your Macintosh.

This is the 'official' successor to the SD releases of MacPPP. It's still based on Merit's MacPPP 2.0.1 release but there have been several bugs fixed and features added. The new name is intended to differentiate FreePPP from MacPPP and eliminate the confusion over what version of MacPPP does what.

Internet » FreePPP Admin - v 1.0.1 for 68 Macintosh

FreePPP is the more recent revisitation of MacPPP and allows to utilize MacTCP and, with some limitation, Open Transport. In their remake, S. Dagley and FreePPP group preserved up to now the original structure of MacPPP: an extension plus a control panel. However, some people complaints about too frequent crashes and memory errors when opening ConfigPPP. I think that my translation of the control panel to an application should avoid some of the problems reported. In fact FreePPPadmin interferes minimally on the system heap, because it actually does not create large pointed memory blocks in this critical zone.

Furthermore FreePPPadmin allows to utilize all the options ConfigPPP 1.0.1 yet provides, with an exception: I do not know anything about utilizing serial ports over 57600 bps and how to gestalt this capability. I am like to update FreePPPadmin for the future releases of FreePPP if I can know the modifications introduced in the mechanism of control. I should like to read any comment about it.

Network » AppleShare Client 3.7.2

 AppleShare Client 3.7.2

(Previous versions of the AppleShare Client software were known as the AppleShare Workstation Software.)

Requirements for Running the AppleShare Client 3.7.2 Software

• System Software:  7.5.3 or later
• Networking Software:  Open Transport 1.1.2 or later

Computers that are running system software earlier than system software 7.5.1 should run AppleShare Workstation 3.5. Computers that are running system software 7.5.1 or later (up to but not including 7.5.3) should run AppleShare Workstation 3.6.5.

Audio » MPegger Drop Decoder 2.0.1

MPegger Drop Decoder 2.0.1

What is MPegger Drop Decoder? Want to burn those MP3s you nabbed off of the internet onto a CD?  You'll first need to decode them - that's where MPegger Drop Decoder comes in.  Very simply, it will make your MP3s into
files that you can burn onto a CD, and listen to in any conventional CD player.  Technically speaking, this  software will automatically convert any MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 LSF layer 1, layer 2 or layer 3 audio file into an
AIFF file, Sound Designer II file, or PeeCee Wave file.

It should correctly recognize and decode all ISO-standard mpeg audio files, and is for PowerPC MacOS machines only.

The MPegger Drop Decoder is a fully compliant ISO/IEC 11172-3 Layer 1, Layer 2, and Layer 3 audio decoder, and passes all compliance bitstream testing in accordance with the specifications outlined in ISO/IEC 11172-4.

Internet » Eudora Email Client 1.54 FAT 68k

Eudora is an e-mail client used on the Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows operating systems. It also supports several palmtop computing platforms, including Newton and the Palm OS. The software was named after American author Eudora Welty, because of her short story Why I Live at the P.O.

Eudora was developed in 1988 by Steve Dorner, who worked at the Computer Services Organization of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Eudora was acquired by Qualcomm in 1991. In 2006 Qualcomm stopped development of the commercial version, and sponsored the creation of a new open-source version based on Mozilla Thunderbird, code-named Penelope.