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A program to study and draw Apollonian (isoptic) cubics.
Usefull also to draw shapes of Elementary Euclidean Geometry.

Create a folder with arbitrary name, say "Isoptikon folder".
Put inside the 5 files neccessary for the operation of the program :

1)   Isoptikon-II           (the application)
2)   Isoptikon-Text  
3)   Isoptikon-Figures    
4)   Isoptikon-Help
5)   Isoptikon-Exercises

All these 5 files must be in the same folder and with these names.
Don’t move them to other folders.
Don’t change their names.

If you get the whole folder compressed f.e. per e-mail, simply decompress the folder and use the program directly.

If you get separated parts of the program, conform to the rules above.

You can create an other folder with arbitrary name f.e. "MyDocs" inside the "Isoptikon folder", to put the documents you produce by this application.

You can put the "Examples  folder" inside the "Isoptikon folder", in order to have all related files together. 

If you don’t have the "Examples folder" you can get it (compressed) per e-mail, from the address given in the info-dialog (about) of the main application.

Browse first through the help, to see how to use the program.
Have fun.

2.4  (20.5 .97) first release on internet
2.4.1 (2.9.97)  Added help for toolbar and main dialogs, Corrected some minor bugs.
2.4.2 (11.9.97)  Added Inversion, trapezium, isosceles, common tangents, ratio
and modified reflexion. Removed the examples of figures of theory, since they can be selected/copied/transfered to the documents, from within the theory-window.