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Mazeworld Original v.1.0.3 (Mac shareware)
This is release 1.0.3 of the Original Mazeworld realtime 3-D adventure game. 
Version 1.0.3 sees a major change in that Mazeworld is now being released in
it's entirety, as opposed to a demo version.

Mazeworld is an older game that uses mouse control and which has no sound. 
Those of you who require sound, auto-mapping, keyboard controls, that sort of
thing, are directed to the new Mazeworld Catacombs, a fast-paced arcade-style
game based on Mazewor ld which has all these features and more.

Mazeworld requires a Macintosh running System 7 and 1.5 Megs free RAM. Color
is required for Original Mazeworld. Registration for Mazeworld and the new
game Mazeworld Catacombs together is now only $10.