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MortalPongbat 1.4.1 68K

Mortal Pongbat is Pong, taken to a whole new level of vicious, friend-losing fun.

It runs in 256 colors (automatically changed for your convenience) on any 68020 (or better) Mac running system 7.1 or later, with 1MB (actually it only requires about 700k) of free RAM. There should be two copies available on this archive, the 68k version for 68000-based Macs and a PPC version for PowerPC Macs.

Why is it? You might be wondering why anyone would come out with yet another version of Pong?

Well, I'll answer that... This one is really fun. That's not me talking, that's the dozens of students at Carnegie Mellon University who have played it, as well as many people I have given it to, talking.

Take original, plain vanilla Pong, add the following features, shake vigorously and you get Mortal Pongbat:

1. Really cool graphics and effects
2. Neato nifty sounds
3. A beam weapon to burn holes in the other guy's paddle
4. Autonomous Mines bouncing around the field endangering your very
existence as a player
5. Multiple brightly colored pucks
6. Pods that block and bounce the pucks, and contain prizes for you to get
7. Prizes (as mentioned above) like: Invincibility, More Pucks, Bigger
Beam, Fix Shield
8. Two person play, as well as person vs. computer play.

Mortal Pongbat is shareware. This simply means that if you like it and play it with friends, family, pets or household appliances, you should probably go to the trouble of sending me a friendly letter and a check for $20, or anything you feel like sending. If you hate it, throw it away, wash your hands, and write me to tell me why.

By David Hirschfield