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Sigma Chess 5.1 - free PowerMac chess program with 3D board

SigmaChess is a free master-strength chess program for PowerMacs
(Those with 68K Macs, or System 7.0/7.1, should use SigmaChess 4.02 Lite)

SigmaChess has won many awards (see It has a 3D rendered piece set, and will annotate your games and print them out in two-column format in figurine notation with embedded diagrams.

Some of the many new features in 5.0:

- Now PowerMac (only) - SigmaChess 4.02 is 68K code
- 3-4 times faster - should be 100 rating points stronger now
- Now defeats Crafty & Screamer 3:1 in matches by umpired by ExaChess
- Now compatible with ExaChess chess umpire for computer-computer play
- More piece sets
- More levels and time controls
- Multiple chess engines - can play chess against you while
analyzing other games in the background
- More robust PGN/EPD import for loading chess games from the Internet
- Faster, more capable chess database features for organizing your games