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MacChess 2.5.1 is the final version for 680X0 based Macintoshes. PowerMac owners should use MacChess 5.01.

MacChess is FREE!, master strength, and loaded with features. Prints nice diagrams for chess club newsletters/instructional materials. Use MacChess as a sparring partner, and to store, review, print and analyze games. Requires System 7, 2.5 Mb RAM, and a 68020 or better (PowerMac fine)

Key Features: ( + = new since 2.0)
+ Strong play, choice of short/long notation, click or drag movement
+ Reads/Writes PGN/EPD formats (used by chess archives and databases)
+ Print diagrams with any of five styles of piece sets
+ Added "American Style" piece set - most popular U.S. piece style.
+ Move list has VCR style controls, click to go to any move, animation
+ Preferences window for set choice, color, sound, etc.
+ Batch position analysis feature, with detailed log files
+ iconic position setup, separate windows menu
- Black or White can be played by human or machine
- Program strength set by limiting time taken or search depth
- Take back as many moves as you like
- Turn off its opening book or thinking on your time
- Ask for a hint, or force the computer to move now
- Displays:
- current opening
- what it thinks the best line is
- the move it is currently examining
- time taken by each player (on current move, and total)

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