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OTChess is a two player peer to peer Internet chess game for use on OpenTransport-based Macintosh (essentially, any Mac running System 7.5.3 or greater).

- Requires Open Transport 1.1 or greater. Also requires System 7.1.2 or greater. System 7.5.3 or greater recommended.

- If you select "Cancel" in the dialog which queries for you name and the hostname of your opponent, you will be placed in a single-user (non-network mode).

- Moves are now displayed as they occur in a scrolling window added to the right side of the main dialog.

- You can now chat among players. The messages are displayed in the same scrolling window used to display piece moves.

- OTChess has been tested under System 7.5.3 on an LC 475, a PowerMac 7500/100, and a Powerbook 520C. It also has been tested on a PowerComputing PowerBase 240, running System 8.