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Mac3D Art can be used for several very different purposes. Since scenes can be entered as Mathematical functions, Mac3D Art can be used in Mathematics classes to practise visualising the graphs of various functions, as well as parametrized curves. On the other hand, since scenes can also be input as PICT files, Mac3D Art can be used in a purely artistic way to make stereograms which can then be pasted into party invitations which will astound your friends. The program contains help windows to talk you through both of these possibilities. This is the program which was used to make the cover picture for the October 1994 issue of The American Mathematical Monthly, however the stereograms inside that issue were made using Mathematica , before Mac3D Art was written.
Mac3D Art requires a Macintosh computer running System 7, and can take advantage of a color printer if one is available. You may like to have a painting program also to make your own PICTures for input into Mac3D Art, but this is not required. Mac3D Art runs at least on Quadra 610 and 950, Centris 650, and Power Mac 7100.
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