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Chris' Puzzle transforms PICT and JPEG image files into electronic jigsaw puzzles. The puzzles are based on a unique grid pattern, rather than the traditional puzzle structure of square pieces embellished with hook & eye joints. The unusual pieces to which that grid pattern gives rise make the geometry of the puzzles richer, while adding to their overall complexity and challenge. But since challenge is one thing and aggravation is another, a few features of real puzzles have been omitted - pieces are never rotated, flipped upside down, or still stuck together in little clumps when they are dumped out on this virtual table. So all you have to do is find the matching pieces and put 'em together.

* Fully functional jigsaw puzzle program. No crippled demo software here.
* PICT and JPEG image support.
* Internet hypertext puzzle annotation (see included puzzles for examples).
* Simple Internet Version Control protocol (SIVC) support.
* Adjustable puzzle complexity.
* Adjustable work space to puzzle size ratio.
* Borders can be added to images to assist in assembly.
* Sound effects.
* Cheat mode (registered users only).
* Convenient shareware fee payment (on-line, even) via Kagi shareware
registration service.
* Fat binary - runs at full speed on Macintoshes and Power Macintoshes alike.

* System 7.0 or better.
* Apple's Thread Manager extension (built into System 7.5 and all later
* 68020 CPU or better.

Recommended Items & Capabilities:
* Internet Config - makes all Internet-oriented features much happier.
* Monitor capable of displaying 256, Thousands or Millions of colors. The more
colors, the better.
* Espy Sans font (included with System 7.5).

Most Obvious Shortcoming:
* No "Save" feature yet - better be able to assemble those puzzles in one go.
Copyright 1994-95 by Chris W. Johnson, All Rights Reserved.
Shareware $12.