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MacBreadboard's purpose is to provide a simulation of the actual TTL breadboarding experience. WinBreadboard™ is designed to work like the real hardware trainers used in many digital circuits courses. Unlike existing simulators which use a schematic-based approach to describe circuits, WinBreadboard uses a unique metaphor (computer representation of a real world object) in which users manipulate chips and wires NOT individual gates. This interaction provides users with a more realistic understanding of how electronic comments are actually used. This program may be used as a supplement to digital circuits course work. WinBreadboard is also a viable alternative in situations where digital trainers are not available.

•      An excellent educational tool for learning Digital Electronics.
•     A must-see 'realistic' interface which uses a breadboard metaphor instead of the typical schematic based layout.
•     Chip Library of 75 two-state TTL devices.
•     Includes a simulated Trainer, clock function, dip switches, LEDs, 7-Segment displays and a buzzer.
•     The clock function includes variables frequency and a choice of free-run/positive pulse/negative pulse/or step operating modes.
•     Timing Diagrams can be displayed for all input signals and output devices along with user-defined text labels..
•     Block diagrams/pinouts are available online for all supported chips.
•     Simulated logic probe.
•     FUN TO USE!!!