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MacLife 2.0 is an implementation of Conway's game of Life for the macintosh. Conway's game of life is a simple cellular automation, wherein cells live or die depending on the quantity of naboring cells.

Right now (version 2.0) this program is still VERY simple and bare bones, although version 2.0 is a complete rewrite, and the speed and interface have improved. It now uses an 9 x 9 non-wrapping grid. Future updates will include these features:

1) A torus based board. The board will wrap right-left and
2) Variable board sizes, or at least a larger board.
3) Coloration of cells determined by age.
4) Death of cells after a certain age. (Not in the original
Conway idea, yet still interesting.)
5) Possiblely a creature palate. Any input on interesting
patterns that you find would be appreciated.