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Stuffit Lite 3.6

Requirements: System 6.0.4 or higher (7.1.1 or higher for drag-n-drop ability)

*Fast Stuffing and UnStuffing
StuffIt Lite 3.6 is accelerated for Power Macintosh. Expansion of files on many platforms is accelerated. StuffIt Lite compresses files an average of 60%, creating a document called an archive. Archives save disk space, speed modem and network file transfers, and make backups easier. StuffIt is the international standard of file compression and archiving on all major online services (including America Online and CompuServe) and thousands of bulletin board systems.

*Drag and Drop Support
StuffIt Lite 3.6 has drag and drop support making compression and expansion easy to perform. To expand a file in a StuffIt archive, the user simply drags the file onto the desktop. A file can be Stuffed by dragging it onto an archive or into an open archive window. (This drag and drop functionality requires System 7.1.1 or higher.)