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MusicMentor is a shareware HyperCard stack to help music students 
learn to read written music quickly. It shows a note on a music stave 
and asks the user to click on the corresponding key on the three 
octave piano keyboard within a certain time. The user can change the 
amount of time allowed for each note, and also decide whether to be 
tested on whole notes, sharps/flats, or both. MusicMentor remembers 
and tests more frequently on the notes which each user gets wrong. 
MusicMentor remembers test results and missed notes for any number of 
different players, so that in a class or home situation where there 
are several MusicMentor users and only one computer, each user can 
still have his or her own results stored.

Changes in this version:

* Made the correct note on the piano keyboard highlight if the wrong 
one is pressed during a test.
* Made the note show on the stave, the key on the piano keyboard 
highlight and the note play when a note in the 'missed notes' list is 
clicked on.
* Made the note show on the stave when a key on the piano keyboard is 
pressed, as well as playing the sound.
* Fixed a bug which showed an incorrect amount of time remaining 
before the shareware fee had to be paid when MusicMentor was first 

MusicMentor 1.1 requires a 640x400 or larger screen, and HyperCard or 
HyperCard Player 2.1 or later.