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MacGzip is Jean-loup Gailly's gzip compressor (GNU zip) for the Macintosh, ported to Mac by SPDsoft. (If you have any comment about MacGzip, please send it to me <>, not to Jean-loup Gailly.)

MacGzip requires system 7 or better, and it should work in any Macintosh if you have the correct combination of software and CPU (if you want to know which version of MacGzip you have, choose 'get info' from the finder;  68K and FAT run on any Macintosh (FAT runs native for Power Macs); and the version for Power Mac only runs on Power Macs). MacGzip works better if you have Internet Config installed;

gzip is not an archiver, but a compressor. A compressor makes a compressed file for every plain file; an archiver will make a single compressed file from a set of files/directories. Maybe some day I will try to port GNU tar (the natural archiver to be used with gzip) to Macintosh, but don't rely on this... You should read the files in 'GNU docs' folder…