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        SitExpand  User's Notes

SittExpand is a utility for extracting files from archives created by StuffIt 1.5.1.  It was written by Bill Goodman and is free.

• Requirements •

To run SitExpand, your system must have 155K bytes of free memory and you must be running System File 3.2 or higher.  Furthermore, your system must include software to support the Hierarchical File System (HFS).  All Macs except the Mac 128K and Mac 512K include the HFS software in ROM.  You can install the HD20 INIT to provide HFS for the Mac 128K/512K.

• Limitations •

SitExpand will not extract files from archives which contain more than 200 files and folders, and it will not extract encrypted files.

• Installing SitExpand •

To use SitExpand, place a copy of the application on one of the disks in your Macintosh.  It may be placed in any folder.  If you are using GateKeeper, you should add “SitExpand” to GateKeeper's list of special applications and give it the “File(Other)” privilege.

• Expanding Archives •

To extract all the files in an archive, double-click the archive's icon (you may expand several archives at once by selecting them all and then choosing the Open command in the Finder's File menu).  SitExpand creates a folder which has the same name as the archive with an “ƒ” appended.  If the archive name includes a “.sit” extension, the extension is discarded.  Next, SitExpand extracts the files from the archive and stores them in the new folder.  Finally, SitExpand will ask if you wish to delete the original archive.
• Problem Reports •

You may report problems or send suggestions to:

     Bill Goodman
     109 Davis Avenue
     Brookline, MA  02146