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Version 1.03 of the Mac Browser...

The MAC browser works well on system 7 and system 6.0.5.

However, you *MUST* use MacTCP 1.1.1, because earlier versions have a bug in memory handling that shows up only if you open and close many connections, and that is exactly what WWW does. Anchors are shown as dark blue text in colour mode and as underlined on black and white mode. The startup page is built-in as the CERN home page. To change it, use the Preferences in the File menu.

Changes since version 1.01 :

- Open document by URL
- Trace flag can be set in the preferences menu.
- Addition of  'About MacWWW' menu item
-   Underline anchors option
- Bug fixes include,  more than one keyword search
- a HotList

Planned for following versions :
display of GIF, TIFF, PostScript (prototype works)
- to fix link to internet news group.  Currently crashes.
short built-in help
access to local files

Active development is now in collaboration with the Darmstadt branch of  the Frauenhofer Gesellschaft in Germany. Bug reports and comments to: Jochen Schales,