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To format a non-Apple SCSI drive, use this modified version of Apple's HD SC Setup 7.3.5

Apple HD SC Setup was a small software utility that was bundled with various versions of the Mac OS made by Apple Computer. Introduced with Apple's first SCSI hard drive, the Hard Disk 20SC in September 1986, Apple HD SC Setup can update drivers and partition and initialize hard disks. It was often used when reinstalling the operating system of an Apple Macintosh computer, or to repair corrupt partition information on a SCSI hard disk. Prior to its introduction, formatting of disks was handled exclusively by the Mac's Finder application, or third party formatting utility software customized for a specific disk drive. 

Apple HD SC Setup, a free utility, will only format HDs supported by Apple and has fewer features than commercial formatters. Apple HD SC Setup can be edited with a resource editor to format most unsupported HDs as well. Edited versions of Apple HD SC are not supported. Each version of Apple HD SC Setup requires a different edit. Directions for performing the edit using ResEdit upon Apple HD SC Setup 7.3.5, the last version, follow.

The following procedure is only for reference, the version for download has been modified!

Open a copy of Apple HD SC Setup 7.3.5 with ResEdit.

Open the 'wfwr' resource.

Open ID 67.

Change ASCII line 00000 from 00 to FF.

Save changes to Apple HD SC Setup 7.3.5 and close it.

Rename the modified application so that it can be recognized from the unedited version.