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MacHTTP is a server for Macs participating in the World Wide Web (WWW). It allows you to serve hypertext documents to other WWW users from your Macintosh. This version allows you to serve text documents (like HyperText Markup Language documents) as well as binary files (GIFs, f'rinstance). This server works with the standard WWW clients as well as clients like Mosaic that support embedded graphics and it supports HTTP version 0.

Be Warned! The current CERN Mac Browser and MacHTTP cannot execute simultaneously on the same Mac due to the synchronous nature of the Mac Browser's TCP/IP socket library. MacHTTP works fine with this client when they are run on separate machines. HOWEVER, NCSA's MacMosaic and MacHTTP work well together on the same Mac.

The server places a very small load on your Mac, both in memory and CPU requirements. It should run fine in the background on any Mac with MacTCP installed and System 7.

MacHTTP is being written by Chuck Shotton, from the University of Texas Houston Health Science Center's Office of Academic Computing. Questions can be addressed to The latest version of MacHTTP can FTPed from in the public/mac directory.

Current information about MacHTTP can be found on the MacHTTP home page at