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FreePPP is the more recent revisitation of MacPPP and allows to utilize MacTCP and, with some limitation, Open Transport. In their remake, S. Dagley and FreePPP group preserved up to now the original structure of MacPPP: an extension plus a control panel. However, some people complaints about too frequent crashes and memory errors when opening ConfigPPP. I think that my translation of the control panel to an application should avoid some of the problems reported. In fact FreePPPadmin interferes minimally on the system heap, because it actually does not create large pointed memory blocks in this critical zone.

Furthermore FreePPPadmin allows to utilize all the options ConfigPPP 1.0.1 yet provides, with an exception: I do not know anything about utilizing serial ports over 57600 bps and how to gestalt this capability. I am like to update FreePPPadmin for the future releases of FreePPP if I can know the modifications introduced in the mechanism of control. I should like to read any comment about it.

I used FreePPPadmin on a Quadra700 with and without PPC upgrade card, an LCIII and a PowerPC 7100/80 with no trouble. I do not know if any problem can arise on the other Macs.  Incidentally, up to now I prefer MacTCP, at least until a final version of OT is released.

FreePPPadmin is released e-mailfree: please e-mail to me if you use it.

Ermanno Pozzoli - Associated Professor - University of Milan, Italy