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FreePPP is a Link Access Protocol module (aka MDEV) for MacTCP or Open Transport. In plain English, it allows you to establish a dial-up PPP connection with a TCP/IP network like the Internet from your Macintosh.

This is the 'official' successor to the SD releases of MacPPP. It's still based on Merit's MacPPP 2.0.1 release but there have been several bugs fixed and features added. The new name is intended to differentiate FreePPP from MacPPP and eliminate the confusion over what version of MacPPP does what.

•Warnings and Known Problems•

FreePPP currently requires Color QuickDraw which limits it's use to 68020 or better processors (this may be addressed in a future release). It also requires System 7.1 or later.

Make sure to re-boot after installing FreePPP 1.0.5 - especially if you have a previous version of FreePPP or MacPPP installed. Re-check your settings in Config PPP after re-booting.

Do not keep more that one copy of the PPP extension (be it FreePPP's or one of the MacPPP derivatives) on your boot volume. This is because the PPP extension needs to find itself by it's file signature when opening a connection but all MacPPP derivatives currently share the same file signature. If FreePPP mistakenly opens the wrong file bad things will happen.