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DeHQX v2.0.1 is an application to decode BinHex 4.0 encoded documents.
It will ignore all headers and comp.binaries.mac part seperators,
handles multiple encoded documents in one file, or split across multiple
files, decode files or folders of files. It runs happily in the background
with little affect on foreground processes. Its not all that fast, so
just drop the files on DeHQX and then ignore it and they will be magically

This version corrects an incompatibility with AppleScript. Hopefully I haven't
added any new bugs, I haven't looked at this code in years. I strongly
recomend you look at StuffIt Expander if DeHQX is any use to you, since it
does most of what DeHQX does, and a lot more (and its free too).

DeHQX is free for any use (except you can't resell it). The source for
DeHQX 2.0.0 is available, I haven't updated it because the changes were
very minor.


DeHQX v2.0.1, (C) 1991-93, Peter Lewis