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Fonts Manager 3.9.2

Fonts Manager - is similar to the Mac's Extensions Manager,
but it manages Fonts instead. It allows the enabling and
disabling of suitcases and printer fonts in 'Sets'. It
supports the viewing and printing of font samples, export of
'Sets', import of saved 'Sets', Balloon Help, and a Tutorial
Topics system. It is NOT a Control Panel or Extension (like
ATM D... or Suitca... or Master J...), NOR does it pretend to
be one by living in the Startup Items folder (like Font R...);
thus it works on ALL Macs with System 7.1 or later, including
Mac OS 8.1 (and HFS+), without modifying the NORMAL startup
and operation of your computer. Thousands worldwide running
all kinds of Macs (and clones) have switched to Fonts Manager
to get 'Up & Running'.