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BACHMAN - A game similar to Pac-Man, but with a pseudo-3D perspective. 

I felt that the Mac didn't have a Pacman game that was good enough to fit my taste. The old MacMan doesn't work under MultiFinder, and the newer MacChase doesn't have any really good animation. (No little chewing character or nasty-looking enemies.)
The full version with level editor is now freeware. 

The game mechanics is as a Pacman-style game is supposed to be: you control Bachman in a maze, hunted by nasty enemies while you try to clear the level from all the small markers laying everywere. If an enemy can touch Bachman, the poor Bachman will be eaten, but there are of course power pills ("turners") to enable Bachman to eat the enemies instead.

However, Bachman has some features that you might not expect. The graphics is "pseudo-3D", not as flat as classic Pacman games. There are bonus objects ("overdrives" and "treasure chests"), teleporters, plus Bachman's ability to shoot biscuits at the enemies to delay them (but not to bypass them). Well, you'll notice all that when you play.