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Desk Invaders, version 2.3

This Read Me document to accompany copies of this freeware program.

Desk Invaders is a DA implementation of the classic arcade shoot-em-up. Now you can shoot away at those critters whenever the stress of using your Mac becomes too much, no matter what application you may be running! (Of course, under System 7, DA's operate just like any other application). The game is self-explanatory, pretty much. If it moves, shoot it. If it shoots back, move or die. That's it really.

Version 2.3 includes new "cool" graphics, harder levels, and full asynchronous sound.

Copyright stuff.
Desk Invaders is freeware, but not public domain, and is copyright the author, Graham Cox. You may freely use and copy it- in fact I encourage this as much as possible! If you like the software, I appreciate a postcard from your home town if you can be bothered to send them- it's nice to get feedback, even from freeware.

Graham Cox,
7, Valentine Street,