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This version of GameMaker (GameMaker Lite) is Shareware. It may be freely distributed as long as the entire package is kept intact and unmodified. You may NOT bundle GameMaker with commercial products without written permission from Al Staffieri Jr.

GameMaker Lite is free, but if you'd like to make better games, you should pay the $20 fee (or $200 site license fee which allows you to use an unlimited number of copies for use at a single location) for the full version which has more cards, more sounds, invisible buttons (click areas) that you can put anywhere in the picture, an optional status bar, mini programming language and other improvements. You may then create as many games as you like and distribute them to anyone without owing any additional fees. If you have an email address, please provide us with it when you order so we can email the full version to you. Please send cash, check, or Money Order to:

  Al Staffieri Jr.
  15 Gilbert Court
  Williamstown, NJ 08094

You can E-mail comments, suggestions, and bug reports to:

Visit my Web Page for the latest info & other software:

* Mac Plus
* System 6.03
* 1000K of available RAM

* 68020 or better processor
* System 7.1 or higher
* 2500K of available RAM
* Color monitor