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Mac Invaders V1.10 Beta

What is it? Mac Invaders is a version of the classic Space Invaders for
Macintosh. It has the following features:

o Two different two player modes
o Full key configuration
o Great ray traced graphics and digitised sound
o Remembers your high scores
o Play with mouse or keyboard
o More updates planned
o All this for a low ShareWare fee of $10

In addition Mac Invaders V1.10 has the following new features over V1.00

o Uses Apple GameSprockets for better performance
o Extra Turbo mode for faster gameplay
o Greatly improved graphics and sounds

PowerPC Processor
System 7.5
8 Megs of RAM

It's a long story but there's going to be a loooong Beta for Mac Invaders
V1.10, so rather than hang onto it for six months, I thought I should ship