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In Sokoban, you are a warehouse keeper trying to get boxes through a maze of a warehouse to their proper locations. The boxes are so heavy that you can only push one of them at a time. Be careful that you don’t get a box trapped in a corner: the boxes have no handles so they can’t be pulled at all. If you prefer a more glamorous description, replace “box” by “treasure chest”; in fact, I think I’ll do that in the rest of these docs.

There are over 200 different levels included (separated into several collections), and you can make your own levels, too. If you design good levels, I’ll include them in the next version and give you credit.

How to play (the short version)
Run Sokoban, enter your name as the new player, move using the mouse or arrow keys or numeric keypad, and push all of the round treasures into the outlined squares.

     Summary of Controls
Keyboard: numeric keypad (8 keys), arrow keys, or your own key choices. Add control or shift to move farther, option to zip to a square.

Mouse: click to move or drag a chest (the program will move you to the place you clicked or push the piece you dragged, if possible). Command-click to drag a piece next to you.

Undo/Redo: Cmd-Z, ESC, F1, or ` to undo; space or Cmd-Y to redo; option-undo to undo a single step. They will auto-repeat if you hold the keys down.

Upgrading from previous versions
Throw away the old version of Sokoban and start playing this version. Be sure to keep the Sokoban Scores file or you’ll have to start over at the beginning! If you’re upgrading from version 1.2, the old levels 51-85 are now part of the “Extra” collection; don’t worry, the game will still know if you completed them (with 3 exceptions: the incredibly easy levels 51, 52, and 53 were replaced by new harder levels, so the game marks them as being uncompleted).

How to play (the long version, including shortcuts)
The first time you run Sokoban, it will prompt you to enter a new player’s name. If it doesn’t, either select your name from the Players menu to pick up where you left off, or select New Player… from the Players menu and make an entry for yourself. Sokoban keeps track of which levels you have solved in the “Sokoban Scores” file; this is normally in the same folder as Sokoban, but may also be placed in your Preferences folder inside the System Folder. If you quit in the middle of a level, then the next time you play Sokoban will load the level you were working on and show you what moves you made. To speed up the process, hold down the shift key.