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Tank Wars is a battle simulation game between two tanks. The tank battles take place in an arena where competitive tank drivers compete with each other. Whenever you win a battle with the computer player, you will be given a certain amount of money that can be used to buy power-ups for your tank. The object of the game is to gain money to buy items to upgrade your tank. When your tank is sufficiently powerful, you may attempt to defeat the final boss tank.
This is the update that I promised for Tank Wars 1.0.  I guarantee that it is also a 100% improvement over the last Tank Wars.  I did fix the bug with the bullets, so that they no longer seem to split apart.  Also the sound should work better than it did in TW 1.0.

Here's also a list of what's new:
-NewEnemies(not the same old Tanks) 
-a few new Bonuses
-a few new Sounds
-the Types of Game options you select are important
-Quickness and EnemyStrength factor in the entire game in terms of how tough and quick the game gets

New Items in the Programming:
-Enemies appear as soon as you kill the last one of the last batch.
-Loading should go faster
-Windows Update after dialog boxes are closed
-GamePlay should be even smoother
-even with the new features there is no increase in the programs size

I hope you like this new version it should certainly be 100% better than the old one.  
E-Mail (AOL(StilesFam)) me if you like it, or would like to make suggestions for improvement, or future additions you would like to see.

or write to:
Ken Stiles
11584 Greenlawn
Plymouth, IN 46563
ShareWare $5,($10 for the source Code)