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clip2gif is a scriptable utility for converting PICT, GIF, JPEG and TIFF images to any of these formats. It can also display them.

Please read this file carefully before continuing with "Documentation". Thanks!


clip2gif Copyright 1995 by Yves Piguet. All Rights Reserved.

clip2gif 0.7.2 is freeware; this means that you can freely use it, copy it, give it to your friends and store it on your files server as long as:

-the whole distribution of clip2gif (including this readme file, other documentation files and scripts) is kept together;
-clip2gif is not modified (especially the copyright notice) or reverse-engineered in any way;
-no file in the distribution of clip2gif is modified;
-you don't charge for it, even with virtual money, and don't use it to incite people to register in a customers commercial database.

clip2gif cannot be included in another package without my prior written permission.
Source code is not available.

Please send me a note (postcard or email or banknotes) if you use it!