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GifBuilder 0.1
GifBuilder is a scriptable  utility for creating animated GIF files.

Please read this file carefully before continuing with "Documentation". Thanks!


GifBuilder Copyright 1996 by Yves Piguet. All Rights Reserved.

GifBuilder 0.1 is freeware; this means that you can freely use it, copy it, give it to your friends and store it on your files server as long as:

-the whole distribution of GifBuilder (including this readme file, other documentation files and scripts) is kept together;
-GifBuilder is not modified (especially the copyright notice) or reverse-engineered in any way;
-no file in the distribution of GifBuilder is modified;
-you don't charge for it, even with virtual money, and don't use it to incite people to register in a customers commercial database.

GifBuilder cannot be included in another package without its author prior written permission.
Source code is not available.

Please send me a note (postcard or email or banknotes) if you use it!