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GIFConverter for the 68k Macintosh.
Version 2.3.4 (11/7/93)
Fixed a bug where GIFConverter crashed on startup on certain Centris and Quadra machines.
GIFConverter Copyright ©1988-1993 Kevin A. Mitchell
All Rights reserved.
Please report bugs or suggestions to Kevin Mitchell at the address below, on Compuserve Mail at 74017,2573, America Online at KevinM17, GEnie mail at K.MITCHELL, or through Internet at Support is also available online in the Graphics Support Forum of CompuServe, and through the Macintosh Graphics and CAD forum on America Online.

GIFConverter may be used for 15 days without charge. After 15 days, you must order GIFConverter or destroy your copy. To order, print the order from found in the program, and send with $40 plus shipping and handling ($5 US, Canada and Mexico, $10 international) to:

        Kevin A. Mitchell
        P.O. Box 803066
        Chicago, IL 60680-3066

DUE TO NEW SALES TAX LAW, ILLINOIS RESIDENTS MUST INCLUDE 8% TAX. This offer is limited, and may be withdrawn at any time.

You will receive a package containing:

o The latest version 2 release.

o Printed documentation.

o A software key that will remove the shareware notice seen when starting GIFConverter.