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Photo Opener 1.0 © 1993-95, Joseph Laffey, author of MasterScan, TransferCalc, Scrambled, AELauncher, & Hear Me!

Photo Opener is a simple utility that does one thing, fast and efficiently. Photo Opener will change the "creator" codes of your image documents to allow you to open them in Adobe Photoshop® by double-clicking. You may also change the creator back to the original creator to allow you to open the document it the application that first created it.

To process a file for opening with Photoshop®:
To use Photo Opener simply drag and drop a file or group of files (not a folder) onto the Photo Opener icon. Photo Opener will convert the file(s) almost instantly. A short sound will be played to let you know that each file is being processed. (If you are going to process a large group of files, or simply don't like the sound, you may hold down the shift key to keep Photo Opener silent.)

You may double-click on Photo Opener to select a single file from a Standard Get File dialog box. This will also supply you with the relevant ShareWare information for registering your copy of Photo Opener.

You may need to close and re-open the window in which the file that your converting resides in order to update its icon and make it double-clickable.

To switch a file back to its original creator:
Simply drag and drop the file(s) onto Photo Opener again. This will convert them back to their original creator. You may also double-click Photo Opener and select a single file.

If the file that you select was originally a Photoshop® file you will see an error message telling you that the file is already a Photoshop® file. Photo Opener can not change it because its original creator was Photoshop® itself.

You may need to close and re-open the window in which the file that your converting resides in order to update its icon and make it double-clickable.

Is it dangerous?  Will it hurt my images?

No and no.

Photo Opener only changes the creator code of a file. (This is information used by the Finder™ to determine what application(s) can open a document.) Photo Opener does not modify the image data at all.

No image degredation will occur because the image data is never touched by Photo Opener. You may run a file through Photo Opener as many times as you like with no loss at all.


Photo Open is ShareWare. If you use it for more than 15 days you are required to send the author $8.00 US funds.

Photo Opener took a lot of time and effort to create. The software required to develop Photo Opener was quite expensive.

Please support my efforts to provide graphics utilities by registering your copy of Photo Opener.

The registration cost is only $8.00 US funds. Think of how quickly it will pay for itself.

Make checks payable to:

  Joseph Laffey
  4714 South Broadway
  St. Louis, MO 63111

AOL:  JoeLaff

Possible additions to future versions if I receive enough registrations:

  •  Support for converting folders and/or entire disks.
  •  Hide any files that were originally created with Photoshop® when the dialog box is displayed for users who double-click the Photo Open application.
  •  Make it so that you do not have to close and re-open the enclosing window of the file(s).