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Pong was the first electronic video game EVER! So... it's really a
classic! This game is kind of electronic Ping-Pong. Each player controls a
"paddle" and uses it to hit the ball.

Sytem requirements

In order to play the game, you must have Macintosh Sytem 7.1 with the Sound
Manager 3.0 or higher or Macintosh System 7.5. Also, you must have a 256
colors capable monitor with a minimum resolution of 640*480.

The game runs fine on PowerMacintosh.

Distribution info

This game may be distributed freely for non-profit purpose. However if you
plan to distribute it on a CD-ROM or similar for-profit purpose, you must
get our prior written (or electronically written at
consent before and must send us a free copy of the product at each of the
addresses below:

Félix Lapointe
1629 Rue Garnier
Québec, Québec
G1S 2T6

Jean-François Nadeau
1021 Guillaume-Boisset
Cap-Rouge, Québec
G1Y 1Y8