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I am not responsible for what you do with the things you download here. I am not responsibel for any of your actions. I am not responsible if something doesn't work as described here. Remember some programs are shareware, not freeware. I am not responsible for any damage at your computer or anything else incured by this downloads. All you download is at your own risk.

The creator (I) of this site/page or the ISP(s) hosting any content on this site take no responsibility for the way you use the information and software provided on this site. These files and anything else on this site are here for private purposes only. The download-links only lead to share, free or demo software. I am not responsible for Links outside this Website. The owner of the linked Website are responsible at their own. I am not related to the content of their site. You enter this site at your own risk, so if this site causes a damage at your computer I am not responsible of your damage.

If you are programmer and you wrote one of this nice little applications, please contact me. If anyone knows of copyright problems with the offered software, please let me know and it will be removed.

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