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Typography » Euro-font

With the introduction of the Euro in 12 European countries you might need an Euro-sign on your keyboard. Because 68k Macs don't have any, (all Macs before OS 8.5 lack one) you need an Euro-font. This package includes 3 different Euro-fonts, in bold, italic and italic-bold-combined

System Requirements: A mac, HD space, System 7

Typography » Drop Text - v 1.5

Drop Text is a drag-and-drop text file converter. It can convert between Mac, Unix, and MS-DOS files, and can convert AppleWorks AWP files into text. It has lots of nice features and safty checks, and can convert more than one type into the target type at a time (ex: Mac and Dos into Unix).

Typography » Font Finder 1.2

Font Finder 1.2 - is actually three utilities in one: Font Finder -  View different fonts and find special characters.  Learn their keystroke sequence and ASCII code.  Copy individual characters to the clipboard for pasting in other documents. Title Builder - Create text with differing fonts, sizes, and styles.
REQUIREMENTS Macintosh System 7.1 or higher, 68030 or higher CPU, AppleScript 1.1 extension  (part of System 7.1 and higher.

Typography » FontView 1.59

FontView 1.59

Utility for viewing fonts and their resources. This is a new version of the utility voted one of the "12 essential desktop publishing utilities" by MacUser Magazine.

Use it to:
    examine all characters in a font
    display character information (width, ascent, HTML entities, etc.)
    display kerning values
    list values from sfnt (TrueType), FOND, and FONT resources

System Requirements:
   System 7.5 (System 8 preferred)
   68020+ or PPC processor

For more information about FontView, see <>. 

Typography » Fonts Manager 3.9.2

Fonts Manager 3.9.2

Fonts Manager - is similar to the Mac's Extensions Manager,
but it manages Fonts instead. It allows the enabling and
disabling of suitcases and printer fonts in 'Sets'. It
supports the viewing and printing of font samples, export of
'Sets', import of saved 'Sets', Balloon Help, and a Tutorial
Topics system. It is NOT a Control Panel or Extension (like
ATM D... or Suitca... or Master J...), NOR does it pretend to
be one by living in the Startup Items folder (like Font R...);
thus it works on ALL Macs with System 7.1 or later, including
Mac OS 8.1 (and HFS+), without modifying the NORMAL startup
and operation of your computer. Thousands worldwide running
all kinds of Macs (and clones) have switched to Fonts Manager
to get 'Up & Running'.

Typography » miniWRITER for 68k Macintosh

miniWRITER by David Dunham.

miniWRITER is a text processor desk accessory. Writer Douglas Adams once compared it to Microsoft Word; he preferred miniWRITER because it had a word count feature. It's handy to use with a terminal program because it can make sure lines aren't too long and contain only valid characters.

Typography » PopChar Lite - v 2.7.2

PopChar Lite 2.7.2

PopChar Lite by Günther Blaschek was a freeware replacement for Apple's Key Caps, and it made it much easier for Mac users to find characters not on the keyboard, such as accented letters. You could pick a "hot spot" in one corner of the menu bar and have PopChar display the Mac character set in whatever font you were currently using in whatever point size you preset. 

Typography » SimpleText ColorMenu 2.4

SimpleText ColorMenu 2.4 is a free drag & drop utility that installs an extra cool Color menu and an extra useful Goodies menu inside Apple's SimpleText text editor.  You get a Find command, a Windows submenu and a default font/size/style/color setting for unstyled docs.

Typography » TT FontConvert (Mac->Win TrueType Font Conversion)

TT FontConvert (Mac->Windows TrueType Font Conversion)

TT FontConvert is small, relatively crude PostCard Ware utility to convert
any TrueType fonts installed on your Macintosh to the .ttf format used by
Windows and other platforms.  The main window will display a list of all
the TrueType fonts installed on your Macintosh.  Simply select a font from
the list and click the "Convertä" button to save the font as a Windows .ttf
format font.

For more information and updates, visit the TT FontConvert web page at:

This application is PostCard Ware. 

Typography » ManualMaker v2.4

[icon] Manual Maker by James W. Walker is a simple application that converts a collection of SimpleText files into a low-overhead standalone document called a Manual Reader. Besides displaying styled text and embedded pictures, a Manual Reader provides chapter and section menus and a Find command. 
Manual Maker is free for personal, nonprofit, and educational use, and Manual Reader documents may also be distributed under those conditions. If you want to distribute a Manual Reader document with a commercial or shareware product, or if you just feel generous, please pay a license fee. System 7 through Mac OS 9 is required for use of these programs.