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Image Tools » GIFmovie - v 1.1v

GIFmovie - v 1.1v is a small GIF animation application for 68k Macintosh.

Image Tools » Photo Opener - v 1.0

Photo Opener is a simple utility that does one thing, fast and efficiently. Photo Opener will change the "creator" codes of your image documents to allow you to open them in Adobe Photoshop® by double-clicking. You may also change the creator back to the original creator to allow you to open the document it the application that first created it.

Image Tools » PICT Opener - v 1.3

PICT Opener - v 1.3 for 68k Macintosh.

Image Tools » GifBuilder - v 0.1

GifBuilder is a scriptable  utility for creating animated GIF files.

Please read this file carefully before continuing with "Documentation". Thanks!

GifBuilder Copyright 1996 by Yves Piguet. All Rights Reserved.

Image Tools » Color Paint

Color Paint for 68k Macintosh.

Image Tools » Cricket Graph 1.3

Cricket Graph 1.3

Image Tools » GraphicConverter - v 1.62

 GraphicConverter converts pictures from ATARI-, Amiga- and IBM-formats in MAC-formats an back.

The GraphicConverter folder contents:
- Read me
- GraphicConverter
- Documentation

This program should only travel in the complete folder. GraphicConverter is a shareware program.
Have fun, Thorsten Lemke

Image Tools » clip2gif - v 0.7.2

clip2gif is a scriptable utility for converting PICT, GIF, JPEG and TIFF images to any of these formats. It can also display them.

Please read this file carefully before continuing with "Documentation". Thanks!

clip2gif Copyright 1995 by Yves Piguet. All Rights Reserved.

Image Tools » JPEGView 3.0

The JPEGView 3.0 distribution comes with several important files:

JPEGView — the JPEGView application itself

JPEGView JFIF Preview — a system extension that allows you to view JPEG/JFIF previews from within any application; to install this extension, either drag its icon on top of your System Folder icon, or manually place it inside your Extensions folder, and restart your computer.  Now the JPEG/JFIF previews that JPEGView creates can be seen from within any QuickTime-aware application!

Image Tools » Gifconverter - v 2.34

GIFConverter for the 68k Macintosh.
Version 2.3.4 (11/7/93)
Fixed a bug where GIFConverter crashed on startup on certain Centris and Quadra machines.

Image Tools » Cricket Draw 1.1.1

Cricket Draw 1.1.1

Image Tools » Decor - v 3.0.4

Decor 3.0.4 will let you use any image file as your desktop background. This program comes highly recommended!