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Desktop Tools » Virtual Desktop - v 1.9.3

Virtual Desktop is a free utility designed to act as a virtual desktop manager for System 7 and Mac OS 8. Virtual Desktop, simply put, puts scroll bars on your screen. This is the most intuitive way for most people to operate a desktop which is larger than their screen. This virtual desktop can be as large as the user wants it to be, with no additional expense of memory.

Virtual Desktop, the premier virtual desktop manager for the Macintosh, is an adaptation of the kind of virtual window manager found on many Window System workstations. Having allocated some memory for off-screen buffers, they let the user´s screen view move between several "rooms" where various programs can put their windows. Usually, these rooms are non-overlapping and arranged in a rigid grid pattern. A small-scale window shows the user where all the windows are, in a stylized form.

Desktop Tools » FastFind

FastFind is a replace for the normal search function on your classic System 7.0. Because it takes 120 KB you should have some RAM on your Mac installed.

Desktop Tools » Desktop Patterns Package I

Get some more desktop patterns with this package. There are 20 patterns in here, as JPG and GIF files.
Requires system 7 with the control panel Desktop Patterns
Support for Dithering/Colors: All patterns are for 256 or Thousands of colors.

Desktop Tools » Birthdays and Such v1.4

Birthdays and Such 1.4 for 68020 or later running Mac OS 6.0 or later. Birthdays and Such is a simple program that will display your important dates. Bills, apointments, birthdays, holidays, and whatever else you want. You can set it up so the window will come up when you want, or every time you start up your Mac. However, editing dates can be a challenge. You have to edit an external file, that can be hard to understand unless you actually read the readme. This could be a very helpful application if it wasn't for that.