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Arcade » Delirium 1.2

This is the latest version of StarRunner II "Delirium". More info can be found at (offline).

Arcade » StuntCopter_v1.2

StuntCopter is a rather basic game where the player controls an onscreen helicopter with the objective of dropping little men into a moving horse-drawn, hay-filled cart.  The higher the helicopter, the more points per successful drop.  Kill all your men, the driver, or the horse and it's game over.

Arcade » MortalPongbat - v 1.4.1 68K

MortalPongbat 1.4.1 68K

Mortal Pongbat is Pong, taken to a whole new level of vicious, friend-losing fun.

It runs in 256 colors (automatically changed for your convenience) on any 68020 (or better) Mac running system 7.1 or later, with 1MB (actually it only requires about 700k) of free RAM. There should be two copies available on this archive, the 68k version for 68000-based Macs and a PPC version for PowerPC Macs.

Why is it? You might be wondering why anyone would come out with yet another version of Pong?

Well, I'll answer that... This one is really fun. That's not me talking, that's the dozens of students at Carnegie Mellon University who have played it, as well as many people I have given it to, talking.

Arcade » MegaPong


Pong was the first electronic video game EVER! So... it's really a
classic! This game is kind of electronic Ping-Pong. Each player controls a
"paddle" and uses it to hit the ball.

Sytem requirements

In order to play the game, you must have Macintosh Sytem 7.1 with the Sound
Manager 3.0 or higher or Macintosh System 7.5. Also, you must have a 256
colors capable monitor with a minimum resolution of 640*480.

The game runs fine on PowerMacintosh.

Arcade » Space Fighter

Space Fighter

And yet another great game from-*MagicTouch*-.In this one yo battle it our with another ship with allot of weapons to aid you.

Arcade » Banzai!

Banzai!  Try to defend your base from incoming tanks and infantry.

Arcade » Desk Invaders II, v 2.3

Desk Invaders, version 2.3

Desk Invaders is a DA implementation of the classic arcade shoot-em-up. Now you can shoot away at those critters whenever the stress of using your Mac becomes too much, no matter what application you may be running! (Of course, under System 7, DA's operate just like any other application). The game is self-explanatory, pretty much. If it moves, shoot it. If it shoots back, move or die. That's it really.

Version 2.3 includes new "cool" graphics, harder levels, and full asynchronous sound.

Arcade » Bolo Tank Game - v0.99.7bv

Bolo was created by Stuart Cheshire of Stanford University. It has evolved from a little-known tank game on the BBC Micro to an explosively successful Macintosh game that is played constantly on the Internet, as well as many smaller networks. The author summarizes his work:

"Bolo is a 16 player graphical networked real-time multi-player tank battle game. It has elements of arcade-style shoot-em-up action, but for the serious players who play 12 hour games with 16 players working in teams in different networked computer clusters around an office or university campus, it becomes more of a strategy game. You have to play it to understand." The graphics and controls are pretty simple, as is the objective... conquer all the bases and pills.

Arcade » LunarPhantom 1.0

LunarPhantom 1.0 - "The Eagle has landed..." 

Lunar Phantom 1.0 is an arcade game where you attempt to fly a spaceship through 14 levels with various obstacles and enemies. Your ship  does not have any weapons, so the game is fairly non-violent. Lunar Phantom should run on any Mac from the Plus and up, on system 6 and up, on any screen depth and even across multiple monitors (though the game window will have the same size). The game is in black and white, but don't let that stop you. It is distributed as shareware - see the supplied documentation.

Arcade » Mine Sweeper for 68k Macintosh

Mine Sweeper

1)  This program stores the position of the window, high scores, and user preferences in a preferences file when you are using a Macintosh 512Ke or newer; on a Macintosh 128 or Macintosh 512, a preferences file is not generated.  This means that if you want to clear the high scores, or if (for some reason) the window doesn't show up when you start the program, throw the 'Mine Preferences' file away.  (It is stored in the 'Preferences' folder in your System Folder.)

Arcade » Tank Wars - v 2.0 (B/W)

/software/uploads/screen/TankWars_logo.gif Tank Wars is a battle simulation game between two tanks. The tank battles take place in an arena where competitive tank drivers compete with each other. Whenever you win a battle with the computer player, you will be given a certain amount of money that can be used to buy power-ups for your tank. The object of the game is to gain money to buy items to upgrade your tank. When your tank is sufficiently powerful, you may attempt to defeat the final boss tank.

Arcade » Space Junkie - v 1.2a

Space Junkie 1.2a
Here's Space Junkie 1.2a. This version supersedes version 1.2.

Arcade » Space Gypsy - v 1.01

Space Gypsy is a space shoot-em-up game in the grand tradition of Space Invaders. You are a hotshot spacejock money-hungry merchant, trying to get a load of goods out of the Solar System before the invading alien forces can vaporize your tail. You, of course, have a variety of weaponry  with which to attempt to fry them first... Space Gypsy is both 68k and PowerPC native, and requires only System 7.x and a 12" 256-color monitor.

Version 1.0.1 fixes a bug in Version 1.0 which caused crashes on machines  using 24-bit addressing.