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Arcade » Tetris Plus - v 1.0

Tetris Plus 1.0

Tetris Plus is a step above Tetris. The goal is to arrange red, green, and blue
blocks of the same color horizontally or vertically, three or more in a row.
Once this is done, the blocks will explode. Clear the "flash" blocks in order to
complete a level. Includes 9 difference varieties of pieces (all with varying
color combinations), 3 of which are special, in that block fragments can "break
off" of the main piece, making for some interesting game play. Includes a music
soundtrack, and great sound effects. Very addicting!

Tetris Plus requirements:

1. Any Macintosh starting at Mac Plus.
2. System 6 or 7.
3. Black and white or color.
4. About 1100K free memory.

Thank you! Greg Fudala

Tetris Plus is FREE and may be distributed to anyone by any means as long it
remains unaltered, and is not sold for profit. It may appear on CD-ROM
distributions. Send bugs, questions, and comments to me at:


Arcade » Tetris for 68k Macintosh

The classic Tetris for 68k Macintosh.

Arcade » Tank Wars - v 2.0 (B/W)

/software/uploads/screen/TankWars_logo.gif Tank Wars is a battle simulation game between two tanks. The tank battles take place in an arena where competitive tank drivers compete with each other. Whenever you win a battle with the computer player, you will be given a certain amount of money that can be used to buy power-ups for your tank. The object of the game is to gain money to buy items to upgrade your tank. When your tank is sufficiently powerful, you may attempt to defeat the final boss tank.

Arcade » StuntCopter_v1.2

StuntCopter is a rather basic game where the player controls an onscreen helicopter with the objective of dropping little men into a moving horse-drawn, hay-filled cart.  The higher the helicopter, the more points per successful drop.  Kill all your men, the driver, or the horse and it's game over.

Arcade » StarRoids - v 7 - Asteroids Clone


StarRoids - v 7 is an Asteroids clone for the Macintosh, working great on System 6.


Arcade » SpaceInvader! v 1.4

Here is a new game called SpaceInvader!, I created for the Macintosh. It's a fast action "shoot em up" type game with 30 frame per second animation, currently require 8 bit (256) color/gray to run (if there's enough interest and resource, I will make it run under other color depth in future updates). It uses 640x480 full screen. Although not recommended, if you have a bigger size monitor and know how to use ResEdit, you can change the "battle field" to a larger size by increasing the window size of the WIND resource (there's only one) to anything NO BIGGER than your real screen size.

Arcade » Space Junkie - v 1.2a

Here's Space Junkie 1.2a. This version supersedes version 1.2.

Arcade » Space Junkie - v 1.2a

Space Junkie 1.2a
Here's Space Junkie 1.2a. This version supersedes version 1.2.

Arcade » Space Gypsy - v 1.01

Space Gypsy is a space shoot-em-up game in the grand tradition of Space Invaders. You are a hotshot spacejock money-hungry merchant, trying to get a load of goods out of the Solar System before the invading alien forces can vaporize your tail. You, of course, have a variety of weaponry  with which to attempt to fry them first... Space Gypsy is both 68k and PowerPC native, and requires only System 7.x and a 12" 256-color monitor.

Version 1.0.1 fixes a bug in Version 1.0 which caused crashes on machines  using 24-bit addressing.

Arcade » Space Fighter

Space Fighter

And yet another great game from-*MagicTouch*-.In this one yo battle it our with another ship with allot of weapons to aid you.

Arcade » Snake Byte - v 1.2

Snake Byte 1.2, an arcade game

Snake byte is an arcade game in which you are a snake who has to eat apples in order to live and prosper. The problem is, as you eat more apples, you grow longer and move faster. And if by mistake you run into your tail or a wall, you die. If you can avoid this and eat enough apples, you'll get to go to snake heaven... which is another level with more walls! Version 1.2 adds customizable difficulty, and 4-key movement, corrects some bugs and is faster.

Color, sound, cute graphics, excitement, freeware!

Arcade » Pong for 68k Macintosh

Pong for 68k Macintosh. In 1966, Ralph H. Baer came up with the concept of a "television gaming apparatus." This device included both a chase game and a video tennis game and could be attached to a normal television set. There were about 40 million TV sets in the U.S. homes alone in 1966, to say nothing of many more millions of TV sets in the rest of the world. They were literally begging to be used for something other than watching commercial television broadcasts!

Arcade » Poing! 1.1

Poing! is a fast, colorful, musical, noisy arcade game. A fast-moving ball bounces off bumpers that you place in order to nail that target. A hit target vanishes only to reappear someplace else: hit all of a level's targets within the time limit to advance to the next level. You must learn to place your bumpers precisely, avoid traps, and predict the ball's motion as it rebounds off the bumpers you've already placed. 
Shareware US , by the author of Solitaire Till Dawn and The TIlery.

Arcade » Ping Pong Deluxe


And now.. the very first Slipped Disk Software release is available on InfoMac (finally!)....
Ping Pong Deluxe - The ultimate 2 Player Pong Simulation.

Didn't you love that ancient pong game of old, with the two paddles and the white ball? No? Neither did we. That's why we made this. Mac users deserve the best.

* Sharp 256 colour graphics!
* Two Player real-time action!
* Deadly "Anti-OtherGuy" Weapons!
* Fiendish "HelpMe!" Enhancers!
* A Complete 4 channel music soundtrack!!!
* Digitized sounds!
* Requires System 7, 256 Colours and a 13 inch or larger monitor!


Arcade » PacMan for 68K Macintosh!

When Toru Iwatani hungrily stared into his pizza box, he removed a slice of pizza and the idea for one of the greatest arcade games was born. At 27 years, the Japanese game designer came up with the idea for Pac-Man - a game that became legend, and spawned numerous sequels and clones.