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Concentration » MacMasterMind

MacMasterMind can be played in two ways; either the computer makes a hidden code and you take a guess at it, or you make a hidden code and the computer guesses it. I have paid special attention to the graphics, hope you notice it... The game is compacted with Compact Pro and BinHex'ed, Have fun! (Pierre Ermes)

Concentration » SuperMind v2.2 - Strategy Game like Mastermind

SuperMind v2.2 - Strategy Game like Mastermind

The object is to guess a secret pattern of colors (2 to 10 "pegs" with colors selected randomly from 8) in as few guesses as possible. The computer grades each guess, and you use the grades as a guide. You are only allowed 15 guesses, and with a 10-peg pattern this is just barely enough. ;) The game includes on-line help on how to play. 
Requires at least 256 colors, 4 megs of memory, System 7