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Other Games » MacLife - v 2.0

MacLife 2.0 is an implementation of Conway's game of Life for the macintosh. Conway's game of life is a simple cellular automation, wherein cells live or die depending on the quantity of naboring cells.

Right now (version 2.0) this program is still VERY simple and bare bones, although version 2.0 is a complete rewrite, and the speed and interface have improved. It now uses an 9 x 9 non-wrapping grid.

Other Games » Vector - v 2.5

Vector 2.5 is an 8k program that creates a large (~300x~300) vector landscape. The landscape has features like;

Stick Trees

The user explores the landscape. The more you explore, the more you can see on the map.

The new features to this version are;

Fast mapping
Land saving/opening
A familiar (Tolkien?)

The program will run on any version of System software. The previous versions' bug with System 7 screen refreshing has been removed. It runs quickly on my Powerbook 100 and flies on the Quadra 605.

Other Games » SuperYahtzee for 3 Players

SuperYahtzee for 3 players.

Other Games » Al's Coloring Book

Al's Coloring Book is ©1996-1999 by Al Staffieri Jr.

This version of Al's Coloring Book is Freeware. You may distribute as many copies as you like, as long as you do not modify the application, do not charge a fee, and all documentation is distributed with the application.

* Mac II (68020 processor)
* System 6.03
* 1Mb of available RAM
* 640 x 480 or larger monitor displaying at least 16 colors

Other Games » GalacticTrader1.12

GalacticTrader v 1.12

Other Games » GameMakerLite v1.2.2

GameMakerLite v1.2.2

This version of GameMaker (GameMaker Lite) is Shareware. It may be freely distributed as long as the entire package is kept intact and unmodified. You may NOT bundle GameMaker with commercial products without written permission from Al Staffieri Jr.

GameMaker Lite is free, but if you'd like to make better games, you should pay the fee (or 0 site license fee which allows you to use an unlimited number of copies for use at a single location) for the full version which has more cards, more sounds, invisible buttons (click areas) that you can put anywhere in the picture, an optional status bar, mini programming language and other improvements. You may then create as many games as you like and distribute them to anyone without owing any additional fees. If you have an email address, please provide us with it when you order so we can email the full version to you. 



* Mac Plus

* System 6.03

* 1000K of available RAM